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Our vision is to teach the proceeding Word of God in areas of ministry training, prophetic development, and divine purpose for those who desire to enhance their ministry skills, deepen their personal relationship with God and edify the Body of Christ.

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness:
for they shall be filled.

Matthew 5:6 (KJV)

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How Proceeding Word Bible Institute Can Help You

Our goal is to promote a victorious and a productive Christian lifestyle that will edify the Body of Christ through the following actions:

  • TEACH the biblical purposes of God

  • ACTIVATE the prophetic plans of God,

  • EQUIP in areas of ministry and leadership skills, and

  • IMPART practical kingdom principles through the power of God’s Word

That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, 
and increasing in the knowledge of God;
Colossians 1:10 (KJV)

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Founder | Administrative Director | Instructor

Miracle Pettenger has over 25 years of ministry experience along with 14 years as an IT Project Management professional. She has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Math/Computer Science, a Master’s degree in Information Systems Management,
and a Doctorate in Theological Studies with the desire to share the practical application of God's Word that empowers believers to live out the prophetic plans of God for their lives. 

  With this goal in mind, Dr. Miracle Pettenger founded Proceeding Word Bible Institute is a haven for Christian believers of all backgrounds to come and receive the empowering knowledge and kingdom strategies that will help them grow in their faith and ministry.  Dr. Pettenger is the author of six purpose devotionals, an inspirational speaker, executive program producer, media personality, educator, ordained to serve in the office of Pastor and Prophet, as well as the owner and operator of MP2XEVENTS LLC, a logistical event management and document services firm.

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Advisory Committee Member | Instructor

Sonia Tomlin is an ordained pastor at God Will Deliver Ministries. She prepares the people of God to be Christ-centered servants and leaders. She has worked in women’s ministry
for the last 20 years, empowering women to embark on their spiritual journeys and expand their biblical knowledge. She enlightened and equipped single women to learn and study the Word of God. She gives students a foundation in victorious living and tools for warfare and deliverance. Over the years, Sonia sought to increase her knowledge and understanding of the Scripture. She attended International Apostolic University of Grace and Truth to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Education and Christian Counseling and attended Word Bible College to obtain a Master's degree in Theology. Her goal is to be a student of the Word for the remainder of her life.

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Advisory Committee Member


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Our student culture plays a key role in the experience at Proceeding Word Bible Institute. We utilize the VIRTUAL ONLINE CLASSROOM while creating an environment where students are encouraged to SHARE their insights, ENLARGE their capacity to receive, REDISCOVER their kingdom purpose, and ACTIVATE the prophetic plans of God in their lives. We give students the foundation to REACH THEIR POTENTIAL and GAIN CONFIDENCE both personally and spiritually through LIVE GROUP SESSIONS, INDEPENDENT STUDY & SUPPORTING ASSIGNMENTS.

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Course Guidelines

  • Each Proceeding Word Bible Institute course is designed to be taught over the course of 6 weeks which includes six (6) – 90 minutes of classroom instruction, a total of nine (9) hours (whether virtual or in-person) and approximately six (6) hours of additional learning activity, thus a total of 15 classroom hours.
    **PWBI SELF-PACED Courses are designed in the same manner. 

  • PWBI Courses will provide supporting assignments, resources, and/or homework to support comprehension of the subject matter.

  • PWBI Courses utilize the Holy Bible as the primary text and may require an addition student textbook (economical paperback) at the discretion of the instructor thus providing the foundation for a personal library for each student

Course Requirements

  • Each student must be REGISTERED within the Proceeding Word Bible Institute (which includes acknowledgment of the Student Code of Conduct).

  • Each student must purchase and read the required course textbook(s).

  • Each student must attend 4 of the 6 instructional class sessions.
    **PLEASE NOTE: SELF-PACE courses require completion of all course modules.

  • Each student must complete a test or project at the conclusion of the course.
    PLEASE NOTE: SELF-PACE courses include comprehensive reviews for completion of course modules.

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Each PWBI six-week course is 15 classroom hours (9 instruction hours + 6 learning activity hours) and worth 1.5 PWBI Credits.

One (1) PWBI credit is 10 classroom hours (modeled after the familiar “CEU” Continuing Education Unit)

  • FYI … One (1) Continuing Education Unit (CEU) equals to (10) contact hours of learner interaction with the content of the learning activity, which includes classroom, self-paced instruction, pre/post assignments, and/or homework in support of a learning outcome.

Earning Credit for a PWBI Course

  • Each student must purchase and read the required course textbook(s)

  • Each student must attend 7 of the 9 instructional classroom hours, which is equivalent to 4 of the 6 instructional class sessions.

  • Each student must complete a test or project at the conclusion of the course

    **Students will earn equivalent PWBI Credits for PWBI SELF-PACED Courses.

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Certificate of Completion

Upon satisfactory completion of Course Requirements, if the student has accumulated the 6.0 PWBI credits
(i.e. 60 classroom hours = 4 classes)
in the primary subject division then that student will be awarded a non-degree certificate of completion acknowledging their advanced training and equipping in biblical and doctrinal studies, ministry skills and leadership skills so they may be prepared to do the “work of the ministry.”

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